• The working section ”Prevention of Salafist Radicalisation and Anti-Islamic Racism” is chaired by Dr. Menno Preuschaft
  • Dr. Menno Preuschaft
    0511 120 8714

Working Section ”Prevention of Salafist Radicalisation and Anti-Islamic Racism”

The main task of the Working Section is to support local Councils of Crime Prevention and other municipal as well as local non-governmental stake-holders in coping with religiously motivated Extremism and radicalization, and with anti-Islamic Racism. Among the services provided are:

  • offering general information on the phenomena of Islamism, Salafism and Anti-Islamic Racism through workshops, presentations and a newsletter;

  • support the founding of working groups /round tables on municipal level in order to develop local preventions strategies,

  • funding local preventions projects;

  • organizing congresses, knowledge exchange and providing network opportunities (with NGOs throughout Germany and beyond);