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Crime Prevention Council of Lower Saxony (CPC)

With the founding of the Crime Prevention Council of Lower Saxony (CPC) in 1995, a forum for common efforts to prevent crime and increase the citizens’ feeling of security was established. The underlying philosophy was that for investigating and countering the causes of crime effectively, shared responsibilities and strategies of society as a whole were required.

More than 250 member organisations from all relevant social sectors, among them some 200 local prevention bodies and networks, contribute with their expertise to concepts concerning public security and support their realisation. Supporting them and linking up their efforts is the primary task of the Crime Prevention Council of Lower Saxony and its secretariat, which is part of the Department of Justice. Several of its projects are funded in the context of a framework-partnership with the European Commission, additional support is provided by the Federal Government and foundations such as the Klosterkammer Hannover.


In Germany, crime prevention is the responsibility of all three levels of government (Federal, State and Municipal). Due to the constitutional principle of subsidiarity, the role of non-governmental organisations and local communities has precedence over activities at the state- or federal level. To coordinate these efforts, crime prevention councils have been established in many municipalities and most states. State crime prevention councils support and advise local crime prevention bodies and networks, disseminate scientific findings and practical experience concerning crime prevention, analyse crime trends and advise the government on issues of crime policy and interdepartmental cooperation in this field.


The Crime Prevention Council of Lower Saxony

  • strengthens crime prevention at the municipal level
  • develops concepts and describes the necessary framework for their implementation
  • promotes the ensuring and improvement of quality in crime prevention
  • offers a platform for the transfer of knowledge and information
  • coordinates and supports networking in crime prevention
  • cooperates with institutions relevant to crime prevention including those outside Lower Saxony
  • imparts competence in prevention
  • publicises the goals, methods, and concepts of societal crime prevention
  • encourages the citizens’ involvement in crime prevention

The objectives of the Crime Prevention Council of Lower Saxony are presented in detail in a hierachical structure, which you can download here.

Board of Directors

  • 1 chairperson
  • 6 representatives of members: 3 from municipal bodies and 3 from non-governmental organisations operating statewide
  • 1 representative of the State Chancellery
  • 4 representatives of Lower Saxony Government Departments (Department of the Interior, Department for Social Affairs, Department of Education, Department of Justice)
  • the Executive Director of the CPC Secretariat
  • The current formation is listed here.


International Relations of the Crime Prevention Council of Lower Saxony

International contacts are necessary today to profit from experiences abroad, learn about new developments and find partners for cooperative efforts. The web-based Beccaria-Portal allows for an international tranfer of knowledge, an establishment of a European networking system and an exchange of the latest crime prevention and criminological expert information. Fur further information, please visit http://www.beccaria-portal.org/.

The CPC is moreover member of the executive board of the European Forum for Urban Securtity - EFUS. Several other relations to organisations on the international level are coordinated by a constant working group, consisting of seven members of the CPC. Further information concerning this working group may be found here.